How Travel Affects Your Body and What Exercises You Can Do To Fix It

Does Travel Affect Your Body?

We all hate to be confined to a small seat or being unable to sleep in a desired position and having to eat food that is not tasty. These are just but a few of the struggles that one encounters when travelling by air. However, there are many other effects that come with travel, some of which are:

Bloating and Constipation

When you soar to higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is lower. Your body then reacts to counter act this change by increasing its internal pressure. The body does this by causing the gases in our organs (mostly the intestines), to expand. The gas buildup can result in bloating, constipation, and stomach cramps.


Inflammatory Joint Pains

The change in atmospheric pressure also affects the fluids in the body’s circulatory system. The joints will sometimes thicken to counter the pressure buildup, consequently resulting in joint pains. These pains will sometimes take a while to settle, even long after you finish traveling.


Swollen Legs and Ankles

Our joints and muscles begin to stiffen when we stay sedentary for long periods of time. The stiffened muscles and joints result in blood pools which swell up the legs and ankles. In more serious cases, the blood pools may begin to clot.


What Exercises Should You Do After Travelling?

There are some exercises that you can do to alleviate the ills that your body experiences during your travels.

Squats: These will help to release tension from the lower back, the hips, and the glutes.

Lunges: Engaging in some lunges will open up the tightened up hip flexors and the hamstrings muscles.

Arm pulls from your back: pulling each of your arms backwards behind your back will help you to open up your triceps, shoulders, and the chest.

The down dog yoga pose: This stretch relieves tension in your back, hamstrings, and calves.


Travel is a part of our lives from which we cannot avoid. However, if we can practice the simple post-travel stretches recommended, we can discard the unnecessary and uncomfortable strains in our bodies that arise from traveling.






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