Five high-risk behaviors to avoid or quit

Changing a habit that is harmful to us and is slowly killing us is, may not be easy to give up. Even though people are aware that the behavior may be responsible for their own demise, the pleasure it produces seems to compensate for the sense of self-preservation. Overcoming bad habits requires discipline and determination. These are some high-risk behaviors you must avoid or quit if you want to live longer.


This is one of the most destructive behaviors and one of the hardest one to quit. Annually, more than 400,000 deaths are registered due to smoking. In the United States, one out of every five deaths are related to tobacco.  A cigarette contains a large amount of chemicals, most of which have devastating effects on human health. Quitting this obnoxious behavior is important if you want to live a healthier life.

Excessive alcohol-drinking

Not only does drinking alcohol in excess takes its toll on the liver and several other organs. According to medical experts, excessive alcohol intake causes damage to the brain. It can also bring about certain heart conditions including strokes and high blood pressure.  It is also well known for causing cirrhosis, fibrosis, and other liver diseases.

Unhealthy eating

Adolescents tend to eat unhealthy food as they do not see the consequences yet. However, substances, such as sugar and fats (very common in junk food), will affect the heart and certain other bodily functions.

Driving while sleep-deprived

At the moment of getting into a car, the brain creates the illusion that one is perfectly fit for coordination.  However, the excess carbon dioxide in the body as a result of sleep deprivation will eventually make the body yearn for sleep. If a person in this condition is driving, he or she is putting himself and others in high-risk.

Driving and texting

More than 23% of car accidents in 2012 in the United States were associated with cell phones. Even when you feel very confident about your driving and texting skills, reaction time might sometimes not be enough to avoid a car crash.


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