Five things seniors can do to live a healthy life

Getting older may be a scary concept to most, but it does bring with it a lifetime of experience and perspective. The problem is, sometimes the body and the mind don’t provide the kind of energy and flexibility that youth did! However, there are steps you can take to ensure you make the most of your senior years, and keep yourself feeling as healthy and vibrant as possible.

  1. Have a Purpose. There are numerous studies that show ill effects that follow retirement. For many, going to work every day is a habit that keeps them socially active, in a routine, and their mind stays active. Without that activity available, it’s easy to get sedentary and depression may follow. You don’t need to keep working in your senior years, but make sure you stay active: this could mean babysitting grandchildren regularly, attending a social club, or volunteering.
  2. Exercise. Being physically active is so important for all ages, but this is especially true for seniors. If you keep moving, your body will stay in optimal shape, and there are great benefits for your mind too.
  3. Floss regularly. It’s not just about teeth! Flossing keeps inflammation away from your arteries, so it’s a heart healthy habit to continue.
  4. Eat well. Giving your body the right fuel will keep you energetic and block moments of fatigue throughout the day.
  5. Stay social. If you live near family, make a point to visit regularly (sometimes, this is easier said than done). Most communities also have resources for seniors to socialize and meet. Take advantage of these to maintain a sense of belonging.


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