functions of different types of nutrients

Well, with a wide range of nutrients present in our body. Each nutrient has its own function. We cannot neglect the importance of any nutrient. Have a look below and understand how each and every nutrient required by our body is essential.
•    Carbohydrates- It provides energy which body requires for doing physical activities
•    Proteins- Important for amino acids in body which is required for body for growth and repair of body. It also provides energy.
•    Fats- Provides body with essential fatty acids and energy. It also holds fat soluble vitamins.
•    Vitamin B1 – Involved in nervous system and heart
•    Vitamin B2 – Releases energy from food and required for proper functioning of skin and body linings.
•    Vitamin B3 –Keeps digestive and nervous system healthy
•    Vitamin B6 –Helps in formation of hemoglobin in blood
•    Vitamin C- acts as antioxidant and helps to absorb iron from vegetables and assists in healing process.
•    Vitamin A- Helps in vision in dim light and keeps immune system healthy
•    Vitamin D- Absorbs calcium and phosphorus from food and keeps bones healthy. It also enhance muscle strength and improves muscle function
•    Vitamin E- Acts as an antioxidant and help in prevention of body cells against damage
•    Vitamin K- Needed for proper blood clotting and normal bone structure
•    Calcium- For formation and maintenance of strong bones and teeth and helps in blood clotting
•    Fluoride- helps in formation of strong teeth and prevents dental decay
•    Iodine- Required to make thyroid hormone and controls metabolic processes of body


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