How to Deal With Summer Headaches

Everybody love summers because not only does it relate to summer vacations and beach time but it is usually the time when people come home to their families and get to spend quality time with them and enjoy. However, it also means high temperatures and as a result people tend to suffer from headaches.

Normally people don’t pay much attention to these headaches and try to continue with their routine normally or take a pain-killer. Summer headaches have various symptoms and usually involve a great pain in the temples or above one or both of the eyes. Some people have pain at the back of their ears as well. Other symptoms include watery eyes, temporary loss of vision, running nose and tiredness of our eyes. There are various ways of dealing with these headaches. The first method is protecting ourselves from the sun and if we need to go outside then we should put on sun screen along with sun glasses and a cap.

One of the biggest causes of summer headaches is dehydration therefore we need to drink a lot of water and avoid cigarettes and alcohol as they can also be the reason behind dehydration. We should also include fruits like watermelon in our diet and try and have as much fresh juice as possible. Normally exercise is something that we all recommend but in summer you need to stay as far away from strenuous activities as possible unless you want to go swimming which can be a great option in the summer heat.


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