Losing Weight Fast is Possible – Find Out How

Drastic changes leave many of us in fear because we know we are not going to stick to them. Of course, quitting smoking abruptly is the best way to kick the dangerous habit, but luckily there is support on the issue and there are many anti-smoking groups you could join and gain the necessary support. The same goes for life-time diet changes.


But what if you want to lose weight fast? There are no support groups for that. Many even think that losing weight faster than recommended is dangerous for your health. However, there are safe ways of achieving that goal, and it does not involve starving yourself to death or rigorous exercise.


It is all about little changes that are equally enjoyable as the old habits. Take pasta for instance. It is full of carbohydrates and we all know it sticks to your waist. One woman discovered that she was going to restaurants nine times a week! She also discovered that switching pasta with a chicken salad is equally pleasurable, so she did that in addition to cutting down on restaurants. She lost staggering 20 pounds in one month.


Another trick is to stop buying salty snacks and instead make yourself walk to the store every time you crave for them. That way you will not be depriving yourself of the treat, but you will have to work for it. Women and men who have tried this said that it made them crave less for the snack because it required an effort to fetch it.


Three words – never skip breakfast. One woman has found that prior to implementing breakfast into her daily routine made her gain weight all the time, and she had cravings throughout the day. After she started eating a healthy mix of proteins and whole grains for a year, she was 65 pounds lighter.


Photo Attribution: Oleg Silogenko




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