How to cut down obesity?

Are of shy of being obese? You actually trying hard to maintain your body and it is not happening. Don’t be disheartened about it. You still have time and can start working on the same from now. It is correct that obesity leads to several health related issues and some of them are drastic and can lead to life time change. According to a research, there are about 39% of adults aged 18 years and over were overweight in 2014 out of which 13% were obese.

Obesity causes due to unhealthy overeating and sitting at one place post every meal. You must walk for at least 10 to 15 minutes post lunch & dinner. It will help burn the extra fats and calories which you had already consumed. It is also recommended to do exercise on a daily basis. Exercise doesn’t mean you have to take membership in a gym or yoga classes. You can do simple warm up exercise at home like squat jump, arm circles, ear to shoulder stretch, run in place etc.

To keep yourself fit and healthy. Dance lovers can simply dance for a dedicated time daily and that will be counted as exercise or simply run for 15-20 minutes a day and keep adding extra minutes as per your convenience. There is no hard and fast rule for exercising. An individual can choose any mode of exercise which keeps him healthy, fit and happy. Following exercise on a daily basis will develop a habit and such habit shall turn to be a part of your everyday routine. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also it makes you look young and dynamic as compared to others.

If a person is too lazy to join gym or is afraid of yoga instructor, he must do exercise at home. Start with 15 minutes for the initial few days and later on keep adding 5 minutes to it daily. There are various benefits of doing exercise on a daily basis. You will notice massive transformation in your own body and performance as well. You may experience freshness as compared to your previous days. Such change in your daily routine will help excel in your work front as well. Remember your organization loves you till the time you give them good outputs. Being lazy at work will definitely not add any extra penny to your account. In fact your boss may show you the doors. Being obese is not a curse, not doing anything to control is a bane.

Doing exercise on a regular basis helps you reduce weight, combating health conditions and numerous diseases, helps to boost energy, improves your mood, brings back spark on your intimacy with your partner and also encourages better sleep. Sometimes exercise can be fun too. Offer your partner to join for daily jogging or hit the gym together. Join dance class if both of you are dance lovers. Keep a check on your partner’s diet and weight & vice versa. For singles, it is always a self motivation. Bored doing exercise alone? Take a round to the neighborhood jogger’s park, you never know whom you meet next.

If you want to look hot and sexy, please exercise daily and eat healthy, be happy & look into the mirror to see yourself glowing day by day.




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