“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”

Intelligent eating is definitely an art. To develop such art within you is certainly not an obligation. Let us apply intelligence on our diet. Dieting is not about following strict instructions. In fact, it is about maintaining yourself to live a healthy life. Now that we are in the end of summer, our diet must include food items that give us energy to survive with the increasing temperature. Our diet must include in taking good amount of curd (without sugar), coconut water (every alternate day), cucumber, tomato, orange, lemon juice. For emergency, don’t forget to carry energy drinks in your office bag. Avoid eating oily/ junk food. It is alright if you consume oily/ junk food once in a week or two.

This will balance your system as well as your craving for such food products. Remember summer will not last for more than 3-4 months however, you must adopt the diet to feel light, healthy and happy. Once you develop habit of eating healthy, no one can change your perception about it. Diet is about self motivation. Sit and think about it. We all have a tight schedule entire day from managing home to reaching office, handling clients at office and returning back to home and repeating the cycle. Meanwhile, we forget about our diet. Sometimes skipping morning breakfast or lunch disturbs our body to a greater extent. We do not realize the same until we come across such situation.

Dieting is not about fasting whole day and troubling your immune system. You have to be encouraging, the moment you think about dieting. Keep in mind, fasting is not dieting and vice versa. Don’t forget to carry a fruit in your bag. Got late for office, skipped breakfast? No problem. Take out the fruit and eat. Remember we already discussed about intelligent eating. Do not eat in hurry or in tension. Relax your mind and welcome the food you are going to consume. Skipping meals are dangerous and can lead to various health related issues at the later stage. Are you overweight? Join gym, visit a doctor, do yoga and etc. suggestions will shower on you from friends, colleagues and relatives.

Several books, DVDs, mobile apps etc on dieting and losing weight are available in the market. It is an individual’s willingness to adopt the same. Sometimes, it is annoying and you end up eating more. It is because your brain has stopped thinking and accepted that you will not loose weight till you join gym or start yoga. You are already demotivated by such thought. Well, only joining gym or doing yoga will not bring you to perfection. One must actually have the right intention to do so and hence joining gym or practicing yoga will give results only when you follow the healthy diet. Doing work out will help you keep in good shape. Perhaps, you need not pay heavy cheque for gym or yoga classes. Simple warm up exercises will help you remain in shape. Bear in mind, exercise daily and eat healthy!




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