Why we gain weight?

You got to be realistic! You did not put up this much of weight with one day of over eating so you won’t lose it with one day of dieting. Your goals have to be realistic. Something that you can achieve. If you say that I will be on liquid diet or no carb diet till I lose weight, then let me tell you that you won’t achieve anything of it. Leave apart losing weight, you will gain it. Yes, what I am saying is 100 per cent true. When you think you are on diet than your brain begin to feel that it is being deprived of something and thus it urges more to get that thing and thus you astray from your goal resulting in eating more of your favourite things or something that you deprived your body of.

How good it would have been if we could eat anything and don’t gain weight? Well, if this would have been then probably there would have been food shortage on this earth. Well let us leave apart the impossible thing and get to reality. It is true that some people gain more weight than others. There are endless reasons why people gain weight. There can be range of reasons from a simple one like eating more than what we convert to energy to more complicated like hereditary that passes from one generation to other.

To find how we can lose weight, it is essential that we try to find how we gain weight. I will now explain some of the very common causes of weight gain.



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