Federer loses to Seppi

The third round of the Australian Open saw Roger Federer’s elimination at the hand of Andreas Seppi. This is a very strange event for Federer seeing how this is the first tournament since 2001 in which he hasn’t passed the third round.

To make matters worse for Federer he was second seed in this Open and the Italian Seppi was unseeded and had never gone further than fourth round in any Grand Slam tournament. The first two sets were won by the Italian, Federer bounced back in the third one, yet he was not able to change the outcome in the fourth set which he lost.

This is a great victory for Seppi overall and personal victory as well, being the first time we has able to defeat Federer in 11 head to head games. In the press conference after the game Seppi said he felt good about the outcome of this match, but most importantly it felt good to play with a full audience. He also stated that this was one of his best matches, otherwise he cannot explain the victory against Federer. This certainly was Seppi’s day who made an excellent game, no doubt about it.

When commenting about the game Federer said that he was unable to get his game into full gear at any moment. He also said that he’d have liked to perform better, but instead made the wrong moves and won the wrong kind of points. He continued to say that it wasn’t pretty for him. Federer seems to not have benefited from all the small brakes during the game.



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