Running may be linked to early aging

For years, we have debated what the best exercise is to stay healthy and look great; running always seems to be at the top of the list. Though there have been arguable cons, such as jogger’s knee and jogger’s nipple, recent studies have shown that running can actually age you quicker than other exercises. 

There are two arguable points against running: prematurely sagging skin and major skeletal issues. Numerous studies, backed by multiple plastic surgeons, suggest that the constant tug on your skin from the beating force of running, and the gravity that accompanies it, will cause a serious decrease in the elasticity in your skin, as well as pull the skin away from the underlying muscles. Realistically, if you look at serious road runners, you will notice their face does seem to become a bit sunken and void of subcutaneous fat. Women also face the issue of sagging breasts. As if age and gravity don’t do their part, female runners are also faced with the high impact pounding which leads to more than average tugging on the breasts. Slow-motion films of females running and jumping are often looked at as “sexy”, but with new light being shed on the aging issue, these videos are also being used for research.

Major skeletal issues also go hand-in-hand with frequent and long-distance runners. Hips and knees are often in need of replacement, as well as foot and ankle issues. We all know that stress from injuries can definitely give you a few wrinkles, and not only do you have the injured body part to worry about, but time off from work, money for surgeries, and keeping up with bills. Obviously, not everyone will end up with bone issues due to running, but it’s important to remember that running has a tendency to aggravate old injuries related to any part of your lower body. Even with this information, trainers suggest the benefits that running brings to the cardiovascular system far outweigh the potential of a sagging jaw line. 

Though most doctors are in agreement that sun exposure and smoking are the most harmful when it comes to aging, this new research seems to have some valid points. Now it’s left up to you to decide, are the pros of running worth the cons?


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